Pool Repair EncinoNeed pool repair Encino? Our licensed contractors repair all types of in-ground swimming pools and spas. From backyard pools along the Santa Monica Mountains to large pools nestled above the boulevard. Our Encino pool repair professionals have repaired many of these commercial and residential pools. We offer affordable options for repairing your swimming pool and its equipment needs. When dealing with heaters, pumps and filters that need to be serviced call us first. We have a deep understanding of all types of equipment. Another project that will arise sooner or later is taking care of cracks in tile and coping. Our experts have a keen eye and experience matching tile and coping to look like no repair was even needed in the first place. We are local to the Encino area and our experienced repair contractors have been inspecting and repairing pools for years. There’s many benefits to repairing problems with your pool as they arise. Most of all it’s to protect your investment.

Pool Repair Encino

  • Inspect, repair or install new pool heater
  • Replace or repair faulty skimmers
  • Pump and motor repair and replacement
  • New valve installations and servicing
  • Drain repairs and return repairs
  • Inspect and correct filter system
  • Fix or replace cracked coping or tile
  • Swimming pool leak detection

Pool Heater & Pump Repairs

Pool Heater RepairEncinoWith year round pool weather in Encino and the San Fernando Valley both commercial and residential pools get used on a daily or weekly at least. When spending so much time in and around your pool repairs will be needed sooner or later especially to coping and tile. It would be a shame to not be able to enjoy the full extent of the So Cal life when your backyard swimming hole needs repairing. Our pool repair technicians will inspect and test your heater, filters and water pump systems and provide options for repair or replacement. Your equipment with regular use tends to wear down over time. This is one reason to have your pools heater, pump and water filter system operating safely and correctly. Our inspection and repairing (if possible) of these parts of your system can be less costly compared to new options. After inspection if your heater, pump, motor or other gear needs repairing we offer affordable solutions to get you back in the water fast. We can install any new parts that need to be replaced but if possible don’t let it get to that point. We are here to help keep you in the water all year round. Contact us today.

Please use the form below to let us know what type of issue you have. We will get back to you with with repair options. For more serious issues replacing or repairing tile and coping we can come to your house or property and give you a custom price estimate. Save $$ and save 10% on your repairs or servicing just by linking and following Pool Service Encino on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages.