Pool Mastic Replacement EncinoNeed expert pool mastic replacement Encino CA? We’ve professionally maintained both residential and business swimming pools in the west Valley area for more than twenty years. Our expert and certified aquatic technicians manage every step of the mastic installation.  Throughout the years we’ve removed and replaced all types of mastic and deck-o-seal for all types of pools. Mastic fills the need of keeping water from spilling under your pools structure. When mastic becomes old, brittle and broken it can seriously harm your coping, tiles and decking. Mastic is a caulking like sealant that goes between your coping and deck and makes a watertight seal. The prep work before mastic replacement is vital to create a nice look and tight seal. Our mastic repairmen meticulously remove your old mastic or deck o seal. In the event that this is not done right the first go through the result will be weak seal and not look very good. Delicate consideration amid the prep work makes sure the lifespan of the water tight seal is it’s best. When completed the mastic is left to cure forming a water-tight seal in deck and coping joints. After completing the mastic replacement we then sprinkle a fine sand on the mastic and or deck-o-seal when tacky which gives a nice look and texture.

Swimming Pool Mastic Replacement Encino

  • Keeps a water tight seal between coping and deck
  • Stops cracking during extreme hot & cold temps
  • Stays flexible and does not get hard & brittle
  • Does not change color after replacement
  • Stretches over 20% after it cures

Replacing mastic or deck-o-seal is not a project to do yourself. Lots of time spent bent over and on hands and knees removing the old mastic is not a fun way to spend a nice sunny Encino day. If  every bit of the mastic or deck-seal is not completely removed you won’t get a strong water tight seal. It’s best to hire a professional with the ability to handle this type of project. Our repairmen have fully stocked maintenance trucks with the needed tools to complete the new pool mastic replacement. We have done this type of work on hundreds of pools over the years and can handle any size mastic replacement project. If your also in need of cleaning your tiles we offer professional glass bead blasting to make tiles look like new again. We work closely with both commercial accounts and small residential pools and spas. We have always strived to give trusted and reliable cleanings, repairs and equipment installations. From replacement filters, pumps and installing motors to lighting repairs and automation set-ups we’re here to help. With our positive reviews all throughout the San Fernando Valley feel safe knowing the anser to your fix is only a phone call away. We are local to Encino and look forward to helping you with expert mastic replacement.