With all the fires around the Encino area recently here are things you need to know about Pool repairs and cleanup for pools affected. Thousands of pools over Southern California right now have debris and ashes in them. Here are a few tips to make sure your swimming pool and spa get back to their regular state after fires. Pool Repair Tips After Fires If there are lots of ashes in the water use your pole skimmer to remove. If you have not done so already inspect the pool pump. When fires are near its best to turn your pump off.  When everything is allRead More →

Swimming Pool Pump Certified Installer

We are happy to announce wonderful news for Encino homeowners that have a swimming pool that’s still using a one-speed pump. DWP has extended their pool pump replacement program for 2019. What does that mean for you? It means you can replace your old single speed pump with a new energy efficient model that cuts cost on your energy usage and in return DWP offers $1,000 rebate. To qualify for this special DWP rebate the following needs to apply. You must live in a single-family home with an inground swimming pool. The pool must have an old one-speed pump installed. Photo proof of pump isRead More →

Spring Pool Maintenance Tips

It’s around this time of year folks start asking about spring pool cleaning advice. Some people think it might be premature to discuss Springtime swimming pool maintenance but being proactive is the first piece of advice we give you. As the air warms up and gets over 60 degrees algae starts to form and bloom. Nobody wants algae in their swimming pool so if your pool has a cover on it make sure to inspect the water chemistry. If you’re really concerned about algae it’s a good idea to put some shock into the water to prevent the algae from growing. If you’re doing SpringtimeRead More →

Encino pool cleaning service tips for summer

Summer is a busy time for our Encino swimming pool cleaning company. Because of the heavy usage swimming pools get during the hot months equipment is more likely to fail. There’s a high demand for pool cleaning services during summer.  Homeowners often wait a few days to have a pump, motor or filter fixed, repaired or replaced. It’s best to have an expert maintain your swimming pool system on a weekly basis to keep everything running smooth and help prevent unexpected equipment repairs. For folks that like to support their pools on their own make sure you stick to your summer pool cleaning schedule. ItRead More →

Weekly Pool Maintenance

Here is some sound weekly swimming pool maintenance advice for having clean and safe water for swimming and enjoying. Individuals who own pools may do it cleaning on their own. If cleaning isn’t kept up future troubles will start to raise their heads. Neglected pools see issues like algae boom, clogged filters, and unbalanced water chemistry. An important gain is having specialists who check system like filters, pumps, warmers and capture any problems before becoming serious. To help keep away from any high-priced upkeep down the road we’ve prepared this list for why it’s a terrific concept to have your pool professionally maintained each week.Read More →

Pool safety for children Encino

Pool safety for children is on our minds as the days get longer and the temperatures begin to rise. We all love splashing and playing in and around the water. But, the backyard friend is also a danger to families, especially those with small children. Safe swimming is important to us for your families, as well as our own. Pool Safety for Children is Key Back in the 70’s when seatbelts and helmet laws didn’t exist, and homes still had asbestos and lead paint, pool safety was a must-have for my Grandparents. They had a barrier gate with a lock that wrapped around the perimeterRead More →

Residential Swimming Pool Service

Residential Swimming Pool expenses are high for Encino Homeowners. Pool Services Encino are experts at care and maintenance for your backyard friend. We can help you save on swimming pool services, putting extra money in your pocket. We all like to save money, especially in the New Year. Make these Top 5 Tips part of your New Year Pool Resolutions. Residential Swimming Pool Top 5 Ideas to Save Money Pool Pump – is your pool pump an older one-speed model? If so, take a look at the DWP pool pump replacement program. They renewed their offer for 2018 giving rebates of $500 and $1,000 forRead More →

Pool Pump Replacement DWP Rebates Encino Homeowners

DWP Pool Pump Replacement is a money-saving opportunity Encino Homeowners shouldn’t miss. Right now is the best time for the 2017 DWP Rebate is gone. December 31st is the last day. If your in-ground swimming pool still has a one-speed pump and would like to replace it, the time to do it is now. Install a new, energy-efficient variable speed pool pump today. There’s still time to get back either a $500 or $1,000 rebate. Want the bigger rebate? A certified aquatic technician must install it. You’re in luck! Pool Service Encino has skilled and certified aquatic technicians ready to install your new pool pumpRead More →

Fall Swimming Pool Repairs for Residential and Commercial are top of mind with our technicians and specialists. Changes in weather and activity give opportunity, as well as challenges for upkeep and maintenance of your swimming pool. Though the weather in Encino may still be warm, the frequency of pool use will decrease. Fall Swimming Pool Repairs – Now is the Time Now is the time to consider repairs and replacements. Basic Cleaning Plans can be introduced to reduce weekly costs. You can cut down on the hours your filter runs, as well as levels of chemicals, which will also save money. Be sure to discussRead More →

Weekly Pool Cleaning Benefits Encino Equipment

While on service and repair calls to Encino, homeowners often ask about weekly pool cleaning benefits. Is once-a-week service necessary? What are the benefits to weekly service? Is weekly service going to give improved experiences in the water, as well as a better looking pool?  Would we recommend weekly pool cleaning for all pool owners, both new and experienced? Does weekly pool service include checkup’s and maintenance of equipment, or is it just cleaning? Is servicing a pool weekly too much, or is it something my pool and family will benefit from? In short our answer is always YES. We highly recommend weekly pool cleaning and here are aRead More →